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Over 500 habits from 46 best life-changing books available!

Full Book Book Summary HabitCoach
Time to Read >3 hours 20 minutes 2 minutes for 10 days
Knowledge Adoption Good Poor Great
(Repetition system)
Difficulty Medium
(Many books are very abstract)
(Lack of context)
(Very concrete)
Level of Fun High
(Many good stories)
(Overwhelming amount of knowledge)
(It's like a game)

What is HabitCoach?

What are the most life-changing books?

What are some good habits to follow?

We figured it out. And to help you to follow these habits, we created this app.

1. Select which life-changing books you want to practice.

Choose from more than 40 of the best books.

2. Discover what you should actually do.

We gather the key insights from each book. But these insights are not just summaries; they are habit ideas that you can put directly to your life.

3. Improve yourself.

Implement the best ideas in your life, and achieve your goals.

This is a habit idea

At this moment HabitCoach has 662 habit ideas from 46 books.

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Why people love HabitCoach ...

Leon van der Laan
Manager at H&M

I’m excited to see a product coming which will help me with this, even though through mere struggling for years I have created a list of habits for myself already.

If I could bring myself back to those years when I was failing to create habits, I would have paid a big sum of money for it (this app). I fully and truly believe that habits are the key to success, especially a good thorough morning habit. From the moment a morning ritual was my habit, my life started to change. And the last 18 months I’ve likely achieved 10 times more than in the 5 years combined before that.

Great to see there are people like you who care about someone else’s success.

You can be lucky and achieve what you want by pure circumstance. But unless you deserve it, you will not be respected.