One Habit to Rule Them All

People have all kinds of habits: good, bad, and really bad. But what makes one habit better or worse than another? How can we form the best habits that will have real impacts on our lives and the way we live? If you’ve read The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg, then you already know what a “keystone habit” is and how to use one. If you haven’t, keep reading and find out how keystone habits can transform your life and change it for good every day.


10 nonfiction books that you must read in 2017

Your best friend just read this new book and can’t stop talking about it — it’s the best book ever, it’s totally going to change your life, you’ve got to read it, etc etc. Everyone has a list of books that are truly life-changing, which book carries all the secrets to the Universe, which book is the only book that can tell you how to get what you want. Don’t listen to them! These lists consist of books that are rated by one person, and one person only: the author of the list. This means that the books in that list were helpful to the author, and will only be helpful to people who are very similar to the author and have very similar goals to him/her.