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Grit: Passion, Perseverance, and the Science of Success

by Angela Duckworth

Grit is a book about the power of passion and perseverance. No matter who you are—an athlete, a businessman, a student, a parent—this book has advice for you. It doesn’t matter whether you have the raw talent to succeed in your chosen field or not; all that matters is whether you put the necessary effort in, and how you put that effort in.

We have drawn on the knowledge and advice given in this book and compiled a list of actions for you. If you want to achieve success, learn more about yourself, or hone your parenting skills, these actions will be incredibly useful.

Great ideas from this book


1. Put in the effort to get what you want.

2. Place your goals in a hierarchy.

3. Identify your professional goal.

4. Follow your passion.

5. Practice any skill efficiently.

6. Find your purpose.

7. Understand that you have the power to achieve your goals.


8. Discover how gritty you are.

9. Understand why you are not gritty and take action.


10. Teach your kids to be gritty.

11. Encourage your kids to participate in extracurricular activities.