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Part 3: Self-Discipline and the Good Life

In all religions and philosophies the highest human good or idea has been peace of mind.

Material things aren’t the only measure of success, in fact, achieving happiness is the true measure of success. The desire to be happy is the one thing that drives all humans forward in life, and self-discipline is of utmost importance in achieving that. After all, you will only be happy and content when you are in control of your life. The thing about happiness is that it is simply a by-product of engaging in activities you enjoy with people you like and respect.

One of the factors contributing to happiness is maintaining good physical health. This means that you will need to eat right, sleep well, and exercise regularly. Not only will this have a positive impact on your mood, it will also improve your focus and intelligence.

Another factor contributing to happiness is maintaining healthy long-term relationships with people you love, whether in the form of marriage or friendships. Many marriages end in divorce due to a lack of self-discipline and commitment towards making the marriage work. Marriages are only successful when both partners can compromise and put the other one’s happiness and well-being above their own. Similarly, building a long lasting friendship requires you to respect your friend and raise their self-esteem so they feel loved and accepted.

Actions to take

Principles to follow

Start exercising.

Physical Health

Put in the effort to have a good marriage.

Family Life & Interpersonal Relationships

Be a good parent by being a role model.

Family Life & Interpersonal Relationships

Spend time with your children.

Family Life & Interpersonal Relationships

Cultivate good, lasting friendships.

Family Life & Interpersonal Relationships