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Part 4: How To Get Over Your B.S. Already

We prevent ourselves from seeing the literally infinite sea of possibilities and opportunities surrounding us at every single moment.

Many of us create unnecessary drama for ourselves. We’re set in our ways and have convinced ourselves that the reality we perceive is the only one there is. This is simply not true. What we focus on becomes our reality. So if we believe we aren’t capable of achieving something, we will subconsciously ignore all the opportunities we have to achieve that thing. The reverse is also true; if we believe our reality is that we can achieve what we desire, we will begin to notice all the opportunities and points of view that will get us just that.

It’s rarely a lack of experience or knowledge that holds us back from doing what we want to do, rather, it’s the lack of determination which leads to procrastination. Think about all the energy you put into thinking of excuses as to why you cannot achieve a certain goal. If you put all that energy into working towards the goal, you would have achieved it already!

Remember, fear is a part of life, one that will always be around. However, you do have the choice to give in to it or to stand up to and move past it. One of the important steps in doing this is to learn to be comfortable in the unknown. Remember, on the other side of fear is your freedom. When you fight your fears and overcome them, you will no longer be held back from achieving your desires.

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