Constantly educate yourself.

Education doesn’t end with the graduation ceremony. It starts there. The most important education you will get is real life education.

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  1. Reinvent yourself constantly. Reinvention is education.
    What you know is not enough for tomorrow.

  2. Make the real world your university.
    Every entrepreneur will tell you the same: You learn from doing more than from a professor. So, even if you don’t know something, find a way to do it anyway.

  3. Education is freely accessible.
    The best education sources are:

    1. Bookstores.

    2. The library.

    3. Online classes.

    4. Blogs, podcasts, screencasts, and webcasts.

    5. Television.

  4. Find time for education in activities that don’t require your full focus.
    These include driving to work, exercising, waiting in a line or airport, and so on.

  5. Set a goal to read at least one good book monthly.
    Or, if you are taking it seriously, read at least one weekly.

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