Organize and execute around priorities.

As you can see, the two factors that define an activity are urgent and important. Urgent requires immediate attention. Important, on the other hand, has to do with results. If something is important, it contributes to your vision, values, and high-priority goals. If you don’t have a strong sense of vision, values, and clarity around your high-priority goals, then you will probably find that you get pulled into activities that require your immediate attention or activities that are important to other people.

Without a strong sense of purpose (habit 2, first creation of your vision), you will not have a strong enough pull toward the important activities or even know what they are. Therefore, your life will become more reactive, and it’s often important activities (like health) that become urgent when not dealt with initially, and so the spiral of a reactive life continues. Making the time to deal with what’s important will allow you to live a truly effective life.

What to do?

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