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Chapter 18: The truth about talent

We all have predispositions to do something better than other people. A lot of our success depends on our hard work, but genes also have a lot to do with success. Everyone is different. If you don’t have long legs, you will not win a gold medal in running competitions. If you don’t have long arms, you will not be the best swimmer. Genes are responsible for the shape of our bodies, and also for our ability to work on different types of habits. This means that not all habits will work for you. It’s important to find things you are good at and work on habits that will make you great in these areas.

With some work, there are areas that you could be in the top 25% of the population. Keep in mind, it’s very difficult to be at the top. You don’t have to be at the top. You can combine your skills and win by being different. For example, Scott Adams, the cartoonist behind Dilbert, is not the best artist, and he is not such a good comedian. It’s the combination of these two skills that made him successful.

Actions to take