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Chapter 9: The role of family and friends in shaping your habits

Surround yourself with people who have the habits you want to have yourself. You’ll rise together.

A Hungarian man, Laszlo Polgar, proved that it’s not intelligence that really matters but education and training. With the proper environment, one can become a genius.

Our habits are strongly influenced by the people that surround us. For example, if you have an obese friend, there is a 57% chance that you will become obese too. That’s huge!

The people that influence us can be categorized into three groups:

The close - the closest friends and family. We imitate the habits of people that are closest to us.

The many - we have a tendency to blend with a whole group and do the same things they do (even if we don’t know them). In many situations, we trust the opinion of the group more than our own.

The powerful - we imitate people that are more powerful than we are. As we want to be like them, we tend to copy their habits. Also, we avoid behaviors that would lower our status.

Actions to take