Most of us do not know how important sleep truly is. We view it as a necessary evil, a waste of time that could otherwise be spent productively. However, if you do not get sufficient sleep, you may realize your brain doesn’t function as well as it normally does. It will get harder to think, plan, prioritize, see the bigger picture, make decisions, etc.

There are 5 important facts about sleep:

One extra hour of sleep equals several more hours of higher productivity.

Sleep is for high performers.

Sleep is a priority.

Sleep breeds creativity.

Sleep enables the highest levels of mental contribution.

When you get enough sleep, you may have less time to be productive, however, you will be a lot more efficient during the time. Remember, going 24 hours without sleep or sleeping four to five hours a night for one week induces an impairment equivalent to a blood alcohol level of 0.1%.

Actions to take