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Chapter 2: The Anatomy of Consciousness

The battle is not really against the self, but against the entropy that brings disorder to consciousness.

Your quality of life depends on your ability to control your attention. Your attention can be invested in many ways, and this investment can make your life great or miserable. Attention determines what will and will not appear in consciousness. Think of attention as psychic energy—without this energy, nothing can be done. We can use it to accomplish the things we want. We create ourselves through our investment of this energy.

Things that are happening, outside and inside, are very chaotic. We are trying to structure our life events to create order. When everything seems to be in order, and all the information that our conscious mind is processing is congruent with our goals, psychic energy flows effortlessly. In this state, there is no need to worry. We are in a state of flow.

Actions to take