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Chapter 6: The Flow of Thought

To experience the flow, you don’t need to do any physical activity. It is possible to experience flow only in the mind. There are various ways to do so including games (like chess), playing with words, and inventing things. In fact, many inventions happened not because there was a group of highly educated scientists working together, but because there was a very passionate individual pushing his mind into the unknown.

It’s important to notice that the feeling of personal growth and accomplishment is one of the best motivators to keep doing an activity. Yet, our school system is based on extrinsic motivation. It pushes us to do things we don't enjoy, and at the same time, it kills our motivation to grow independently.

For athletes, for example, it’s not just the physical well-being that is motivating them to exercise so intensely. Instead, it’s a sense of personal accomplishment and increased feelings of self-esteem.

Principles to follow