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Hacking Growth

by Sean Ellis

In 2010 Sean Ellis used the term growth hacking for the first time. Since then, a community has grown up around this yet mysterious process of developing products in a very progressive way.

The book Hacking Growth was released a few years later and contains research and knowledge accumulated during a few years of developing startups in Silicon Valley.

We prepared a list of the most important hacks from this book, and if you have a company or a startup, this is a must read.

Great ideas from this book

Startup Creation Skills

1. Validate your product using this technique.

2. Establish a process for your growth team.

3. What’s the aha moment in your product?

4. Get out and talk to your customers.

5. Do A/B tests on different versions of your service.

6. Hack your growth strategy.

7. Design your metric formula.

8. Optimize your service using this four-step process.

9. Learn to create great headlines.

10. Focus on the best channel of user acquisition.

11. Experiment with virality.

12. Map the route to the aha moment.

13. Use surveys in the correct way.

14. Remove frictions.

15. Increase the commitment of users from the very beginning.

16. Use triggers to make people use your product more.

17. Keep an eye on the retention of users in these three periods.

18. Increase retention using one of these strategies.

19. Constantly educate your users about the product.

20. Increase monetization per user.