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Liking: The Friendly Thief

In making a compliance decision, it is always a good idea to keep separate our feelings about the requester and the request.

When we like someone and consider them a friend, we’re more likely to buy whatever they’re selling. There are a few factors which play a role in helping us decide whether we like someone or not, and physical attractiveness is one of them. When someone is good-looking, we are more likely to subconsciously assign positive traits such as talent, intelligence, etc. to them, and therefore, we end up liking them.

Another factor is similarity—the more similar a person is to you, whether in outward appearance (fashion sense) or inward appearance (personality), the more you will like them. Familiarity also plays a role; when someone’s face is more familiar to you, you are more likely to like them. Lastly, the associations you form with someone affects how you perceive them. For example, if you live somewhere that is sunny year-round, you will probably like your local weatherman as you associate him with sunny weather. This is known as the association principle.

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