The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime!

by M.J. DeMarco

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Is it possible to earn millions before retirement? Is it possible in just a few years? There are many young self-made millionaires. They are proof that you don’t have to be old to be rich. The road to becoming rich young is not easy, but it’s definitely worth considering, because the alternative roads are not better at all. This book is mostly about the mindset that’s necessary to make these difficult decisions to pursue wealth. It has a few great principles that are the foundations of a great company.

About the Author

MJ DeMarco is a semi-retired entrepreneur, investor, advisor, and international bestselling author whose books have been translated into more than 15 languages worldwide. He is the current founder of Viperion Publishing Corp., a media company focused on online and print content distribution.