The Art of Acquiescence

The Fates guide the person who accepts them and hinder the person who resists them.” — Cleanthes

Acceptance of situations that we can’t control and change (like incapacity, accidents, weather catastrophes, and other external events) gives us the strength to cope with them and allows us to develop different skills. When we resist, instead of adjusting to reality, we get stuck in the same place and we lose energy fighting with something that we don’t have any influence over. That energy we could channel in the right direction.

Acceptance is not the same thing as giving up. This is an action that is the start of moving on. We don’t have to like something to cope with it, or even to take advantage of it.

Unfortunately, we prefer to spend time imagining perfect situations. We don’t appreciate what we have and we focus on what we don’t. This doesn’t lead to success.

Principles to follow