Practice Objectivity

The phrase ‘This happened and it is bad’ is actually two impressions. The first—‘This happened’—is objective. The second— ‘it is bad’—is subjective.

The perceiving eye is weak, the observing is strong. This is because the observing eye sees what actually is there without distractions, judgments, and exaggerations. The perceiving one adds all the fears, uncertainty, bad experiences, setbacks, and unmet expectations, transforming events to insurmountable obstacles. The additional “information” that perception gives, disturbs us and doesn’t let us think clearly.

A good strategy in helping us to see our problems objectively is to imagine that our friend is in this situation and we can give them a piece of advice. Then the solutions seem to be obvious because we can get rid of all the baggage of our emotions. Objectivity means removing “you” - the subjective part.

Actions to take