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Part 1: How You Got This Way

Most people are living in an illusion based on someone else’s beliefs.

Holding on to inaccurate subconscious beliefs are the reason you don’t have the things you want as they contradict your conscious desires. For example, if your parents had a messy divorce when you were a child, your subconscious may hold on to the belief that love doesn’t last and that marriage will only bring you stress. Even though you (and by this, I mean your conscious brain) may want to find “the one” and get married, your subconscious belief will turn you away from that path without you even knowing it.

Your “Ego” is the part of your brain that causes self-sabotage. When your Ego is in control, you may do things like cheat on your partner because you don’t feel worthy of love, or refuse to follow your dreams because you don’t think you are capable of achieving them. It operates according to the false beliefs you hold and limits you from accessing your full potential. When you decide to stop letting your Ego control your life and allow your true self to shine through, you will begin achieving the things you desire.

It takes the same amount of energy to believe that we’re awesome as it does to believe that we suck. While you may believe mostly negative things about yourself, most people around you believe the total opposite. In fact, if you were to look at yourself through someone else’s eyes, you would easily be able to see how amazing you are. Once you eliminate your self-doubt, you will start achieving all the things you are capable of.

Actions to take

Actions to take

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