Exercise efficiently.

Exercising for an hour per day will help your body burn additional calories throughout the rest of the day, even when you are no longer exercising! Plus, when you exercise in the morning, you boost your mood and brainpower for the next 12 hours. Exercising regularly will also improve your sleep cycle and make it easier for you to sleep and wake up on time.

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  1. Get a full hour of vigorous activity every day.
    Make sure your heart rate is raised—you should push yourself to the point where it is difficult to have a conversation.

  2. Exercise in the morning.
    Aim to exercise before you even eat breakfast.

  3. Identify an easy way to exercise around your home or neighborhood.
    For example, do pilates or yoga at home, go for a walk or run around your neighbourhood, purchase an exercise machine, etc.

  4. Identify one aerobic activity that gives you a natural high.
    Pick one that makes you feel good during and after your exercise session.

  5. Just start exercising.
    No matter how lazy or tired you feel, start your workout. After a few minutes, you won’t find it so difficult anymore!

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