Pursue an activity for its own sake, and not for rewards or threats.

Using an external motivational tool (i.e., a reward or threat) has its drawbacks. There is the possibility of the reward or threat disappearing, not being motivating enough, or even placing too much pressure on you to complete the task. When you pursue an activity for its own sake and not for rewards or threats, you are more likely to complete it without getting stressed.

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  1. Determine whether you are reward-oriented.
    If you feel excited when you see an opportunity for something you want, and you go all out to get it, you are likely reward-oriented.

  2. Determine whether you are threat-oriented.
    If you get anxious over the fear of something going wrong, or getting scolded for making a mistake, you are likely threat-oriented.

  3. Be neither of these; instead, pursue an activity for its own sake.
    Stay true to your nature and do things at a comfortable pace. Don’t concern yourself with those around you; simply focus on the activity.

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