Take care of good P/PC balance in all your assets.

If you are focused only on production without doing anything to improve the production, the production may go slowly down.

The production here is in all three types of assets: physical, financial, and human. If you don’t maintain things, they will get broken. If you don’t improve your skills, you will not earn more money. If you don’t take care of good relations with people, they will do the same to you.

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P/PC balance is a balance between production and production capability. It means that you cannot be focused only on production, because the production capability may decrease. You must always work on the production capability of things that are important to you.

  1. Improve production capability of physical assets.
    For example, you should maintain a lawn mower because otherwise it will get broken.

  2. Improve production capability of financial assets.
    This is your capacity to earn. Invest in yourself in order to improve this capacity.

  3. Improve production capability of human assets.
    In other words, keep as good relations with other humans as possible, and you will get more things in return.

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