Ask five close friends/family to write down a description of your character.

As a man thinketh in his heart so is he

You are literally what you think. Your character being a complete sum of your thoughts.  Just as plants cannot grow without the seed, actions cannot have been taken without the thought. Through this is the realisation that you hold the key to every situation, and just as gold and diamonds are discovered through much searching and mining, you can discover your own truths and character by digging deep into yourself.

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  1. What is the complete sum of those descriptions?
    Are they as you want them to be? (a)

  2. Write down a description of how you want your character to be known (b).

  3. What are the thoughts that you need to choose in order to get from (a) to (b)? 

  4. Write these down and come back to them every day.

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