Breathe deeply through the front of your body.

The front of your body, especially your belly, is the place where your energy meets the energy of the world. When the front of your body is open and relaxed, your power flows freely, and your presence fills the room. You’ve probably been with people who seem to occupy more space in the room than most people. They seem to command attention, even though they are not doing anything obvious to attract it. The front of their body is so open that their energy flows freely through the room, magnifying their presence.

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  1. Inhale deeply through your nose and breathe through whatever tensions you notice in your body.

  2. Inhale deeply into your lower belly. Then exhale. 

  3. On your next inhalation, breathe into your lower and upper belly. Then exhale.

  4. On your next inhalation, fill your entire belly, then your solar plexus and lower chest. Then exhale.

  5. Then inhale and fill your belly, solar plexus, and your entire chest, in that order.

  6. For several breaths, inhale fully in this way, filling your belly, solar plexus, and finally your chest. Then exhale fully, slowly, and smoothly.

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