Make the most important financial decision of your life: decide to save money.

Saving your money now will lead to compounded benefits in the future—saving just $10 a day can lead to $300 in savings in just one month!

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  1. Decide how much of your income you are going to save.
    You should plan to save at least 10% of your income, although in today’s economy, 15% is a better number. Make no excuses, and put this percentage of your income aside every month.
    Remember, this percentage can change as you grow older and your career develops. At every stage of your life, write down the percentage of your income you are going to save (and invest), and follow through.

  2. Open a savings or retirement account with a bank or financial institution.
    Set up an automatic transfer from your current bank account to your retirement account so your savings are automatically transferred there.

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