Apply these top five conversation fixes.

Every single fix mentioned here will improve your conversation skills a lot, but each in a different way. You will build your self-esteem, empathy with others, trust, and self-discipline. The last fix will help you with difficult questions and not very honest conversation partners.

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  1. Stop for a moment.
    Taking a short pause (2–5 seconds) after a person stops talking is a very smart and savvy thing to do.

  2. Ask for clarification.
    Never assume that you fully understand what the other person is saying.

  3. Paraphrase.
    You can nod and smile, and then you repeat it back in your own words.

  4. Listen more, talk less.
    The more you listen to another person, the more they trust and believe in you.

  5. Use the three-second look.
    When you suspect that someone is not telling you the entire truth, hiding something, or stretching the facts, you need to just stop talking.

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