Take full responsibility for meetings that you run.

The most frequent problem with meetings it that they lack clarity about the topic or the level at which things are being discussed.

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  1. Make it clear who is directing the meeting and whom it is meant to serve.

  2. Be precise in what you’re talking about to avoid confusion.

  3. Lead the discussion by being assertive and open-minded.

  4. Navigate between the different levels of the conversation.

  5. Watch out for “topic slip.”
    This involves random topics that do not lead toward the completion of the meeting.

  6. Enforce the logic of conversations.
    Beware of emotions. Remain calm and analytical all the time.

  7. Utilize the “two-minute rule” to avoid persistent interruptions.
    Everyone has the right to two minutes of uninterrupted talk.

  8. Achieve completion in conversations.
    This is the main purpose of the meeting.

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