Listen beyond words and anticipation to create deeper relationships.

With this kind of listening, a shared space of awareness is created, without barriers created by thinking. This space allows a oneness to arise between the two people.

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  1. Choose one or two conversations a day to practice listening in the following way:
    When you are listening, notice whether you are already evaluating the other person’s words in some way and starting to anticipate what to say next.

  2. When you notice this happening, do the following:
    Become fully engaged and present with the other by resisting any anticipation of how or with what to reply. Be okay with not knowing how to reply. Just be present and listen, and notice what it’s like to listen “beyond the words”—which can be achieved by also noticing the space between the words.

  3. True listening is a state of conscious awareness beyond the words. Practice this with a loved one.

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