Create art on Instagram.

Instagram is the most popular photo sharing app, and it has hundreds of millions of users. However, Instagram is not easy for marketers, because it’s difficult to drive traffic out of it—to your own website. Despite this, it’s worth investing in, just because of the scale of engagement that users have there.

Detailed steps for this principle are only available in the app.

  1. When you do hooks, place a link in the comments.
    People are smart, and they are used to having links in the comments on Instagram.

  2. Use content that is artistic, not commercial. Be authentic and don’t use stock photos.
    This is why people love Instagram: because it’s beautiful and authentic. When you publish things, remember to be like Instagram.

  3. Be crazy with the hashtags.
    Hashtags are very important on Instagram, even more than on Twitter. A good practice is to include five to 10 hashtags per post. Put hashtags in the comments as well.

  4. Tell the story.
    Instagram is about pictures. However, they tell some part of a story, and then in the description, you can say another part of the story. Create stories that will evoke emotions.

If you have the app installed