Rest properly.

Mindfulness is about being kind to yourself. When you are too busy all the time and don’t have even one break to spend time with yourself, then you eventually will burn out. You might lose focus, sense of purpose, or motivation.

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  1. Make sure that your body rests properly.
    This includes a good diet, enough sleep, sunshine, and exercise. If you don’t rest your body well, your mind will not be rested either.

  2. Take breaks in order to recharge.
    When you work a lot and your life is fast, remember to take breaks, before it’s too late. You cannot keep a high cognitive load in your brain all the time.

  3. When you feel less focused during the day, stop and breathe.
    Close your eyes and focus on your breath for five minutes. Take such a break every hour, and you will keep your focus during the whole day.

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