Practice the mindfulness technique called R.A.I.N.

Meditation teacher Tara Brach recommends a mindfulness technique called R.A.I.N. for dealing with difficult emotions and difficult times. R.A.I.N. is an acronym for a four-step mindfulness process that cuts through powerful emotions and helps us find our center and equanimity.

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  1. Recognize what is happening.
    Turn your attention to what's happening to you emotionally and recognize it.

  2. Allow life to be just as it is.
    Whatever you discover inside, whatever emotion is happening, allow it.

  3. Investigate inner experience with kindness.
    Why do I feel this way? Where does this feeling register in my body? What beliefs underlie this emotion? What is this emotion trying to tell me?

  4. Practice non-identification.
    Non-identification means that your sense of self is not caught up in the emotions that are happening in your mind. You don't identify with the emotions or tell yourself stories about them.

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