Overcome the six lies between you and success.

Many of us act on what we believe even when what we believe isn’t anything we should believe. The above six lies are the most common ones that keep people from achieving success. Once you overcome these lies, not only will you be less stressed and depressed, but you will also notice your productivity and success levels shooting through the roof!

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  1. Overcome the lie that everything matters equally.
    To be successful, you must operate from a clear sense of priority. Not all of your tasks are equally important; remember the 80/20 principle that states that roughly 20% of your effort leads to 80% of your results. Prioritize your tasks according to the level of importance and narrow your to-do lists down to one core activity that will enable maximum productivity. Say no to tasks that will keep you from engaging in that core activity.

  2. Overcome the lie that multitasking increases productivity.
    When you try to do two things at once, you will do a poorer job on both than if you were to tackle each task individually, as you are splitting your focus. You will end up losing time as you switch back and forth from each activity. Therefore, focus on each task you have individually.

  3. Overcome the lie that you need more discipline.
    Success is achieved more through habit than discipline. However, discipline is important in turning an action into a habit, so use your discipline to cement powerful habits into your routine. Remember, a habit takes 66 days on average to establish itself—you’ll need discipline to practice that habit for 66 days, but once your habit is established, it will become second nature to you.

  4. Overcome the lie that your willpower is always on-call.
    Having willpower is extremely important to achieve success; however, everyday activities such as filtering distractions, resisting temptation, and doing something unenjoyable will deplete your willpower. Therefore, your willpower is at its highest at the start of your day, so schedule your most important task for this time.

  5. Overcome the lie that a balanced life must be achieved.
    A balanced life is a myth; it is unachievable. Instead of spreading yourself thin trying to excel in all areas of life, focus on the one main thing you want to achieve and work hard toward it.

  6. Overcome the lie that big is bad.
    If you only aim small, you may only experience small problems, but you will only achieve a small level of success. Think big, think out of the box, think bold. Don’t worry too much about failure; it’s a part of your learning process and will, in time, help you achieve greater success.

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