Follow the 14 precepts of the Order of Interbeing.

These 14 precepts will help you live your life with mindfulness and compassion and will promote inner peace.

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  1. Do not blindly follow any doctrine, theology, or ideology—all systems of thought are only guidelines and not the absolute truth.

  2. Do not think that the knowledge you have now is changeless and the absolute truth—be open to learning new things.

  3. Do not force anyone to adopt your views.

  4. Do not close your eyes to suffering.

  5. Do not accumulate wealth while millions are hungry.

  6. Do not maintain anger or hatred—when you feel these emotions, focus on your breathing until they pass.

  7. Place your focus on the present moment and do not get distracted by your surroundings.

  8. Avoid saying hurtful words and make every effort to reconcile and resolve conflicts.

  9. Do not lie.

  10. Do not use a religious community for personal gain or profit.

  11. Do not live with a vocation that is harmful to humans and nature.

  12. Do not kill, and do your best to prevent others from killing.

  13. Do not possess the property of others.

  14. Do not mistreat your body.

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