Hold regular meetings with your team to discuss unanticipated issues that could occur.

These kinds of meetings will act as a checklist for you and your team to discuss potential issues and understand how to deal with them. The last step of the checklist is when the project is completed - it should be reviewed by the boss to ensure that no errors occurred and that it is good enough to be released.

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  1. Hold a regularly scheduled meeting to discuss any issues or concerns that could arise before the next meeting.
    For example, you could discuss how to fill in for a sick staff member, difficult clients, etc.

  2. During this meeting, get any new members of your team to introduce themselves.
    People work better with people they know, so ensure that each member of your team knows everyone else’s name. This will also make communication much easier.

  3. Ensure each project is reviewed by the boss before it is released.
    This will ensure that the final, completed project is as close to perfect as possible.

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