Stop identifying with the past or projecting into the future.

When you are full of problems, there is no room for anything new to enter, no room for a solution. When you pay attention to your life instead of your life situation, you create a space that does not contain any problems, and you will be able to think more clearly to find a solution to your problems.

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  1. Forget about your life situation for a while and pay attention to your life.
    Most life situations are full of problems. Pay attention to your life right now and think about your problems - are they problems you will experience in the future (for example, tomorrow, or even in 10 minutes), or are they problems just right now?

  2. Use your senses fully.
    Look around, but do not interpret. What are the colors, shapes, textures, etc. that you see? What are the sounds you hear? Listen to your breathing and move into the Now.

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