Process your emotions appropriately.

When you observe your emotions in this manner, you allow your emotion to be there without being controlled by them. The physical component of the emotion also vanishes. You will be able to think and make decisions without being influenced by your emotions.

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  1. Observe the ways unconscious emotions such as unease and discontent arise in you.
    These emotions typically arise through unnecessary judgment, resistance to what is, and denial of the Now. Once you immerse yourself in the Now and impartially observe these emotions, they will fade away.

  2. Regularly ask yourself, “What’s going on inside me at this moment?”
    Don’t analyze the emotions you feel, simply observe them.

  3. When you feel negativity arising within you, immerse yourself in the present moment.
    Imagine a voice saying, “Attention. Here and Now. Wake up. Get out of your mind. Be present.” Do not give in to the negative emotions.

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