Ask yourself these 4 questions

Business is not about creating a product or service and selling it, but about providing value. And what’s more important than this, if you want to feel fulfilled by your business, you must define who your clients are and how to serve them.

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  1. Question #1: Who are your dream clients?
    A good strategy is to create avatars of your dream clients. Describe what they are like, what they’re doing, why they are your dream clients, what are their goals, dreams, and desires. Write it all down on a whiteboard so you have a complete view of your ideal customer.

  2. Question #2: Where can you find them?
    Where are your dream clients hanging out? Are they on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, emails? Write down a few places.

  3. Question #3: What bait will you use to attract them?
    This can be a physical book, an e-book, CD, DVD, audio recording, and so on. Anything that your dream customer will pay attention to and will desire to buy.

  4. Question #4: What results do you want to give them?
    Business is not about selling your product or service but about providing results to other people. What exactly do you want to give to others? How do you want to help them?

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