Ask intelligent and precise questions

It is much more likely that you will get what you ask for if you follow these five rules.

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  1. Ask specific questions. Describe precisely what you want, first from yourself and then from others.
    Respond to the questions: when, where, why, how (much, many, far), with whom?

  2. Ask someone who can help you.
    Think of someone who has resources that you need: the knowledge, the capital, a similar type of business, etc.

  3. Create value for the person you’re asking for help.
    It doesn’t have to be money. Value can be the positive feeling of helping others, participation in a project, etc.

  4. Ask with focused, congruent belief in yourself or your project.
    You have to be sure about what you’re asking for. If not, others won’t believe in you.

  5. Ask until you get what you want.
    Don’t ask the same person in the same way, of course. Just don’t give up after one refusal.

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