Change undesirable behavior in six steps

Although it seems strange to talk to yourself, it is a very useful hypnotic pattern.

Detailed steps for this action are only available in the app.

  1. Recognize the pattern or behavior you want to change.
    Imagine that there is a specific part of your mind that is responsible for the behavior.

  2. Create communication with the part of your unconscious mind that is responsible for the behavior.
    Ask yourself the question: “Will the part of me that generates behavior X be willing to communicate with me in consciousness?”
    If that part of your mind replies “yes,” intensify that signal. If it replies “no,” then decrease that signal.

  3. Divide your intention from your behavior.
    Think about what you want to achieve by generating behavior X.

  4. Generate a new behavior that will cover the same intention.
    Create three alternative behaviors that can replace behavior X.

  5. Ask the part of your mind generating behavior X if it will accept the alternative behaviors and whether it will respond in a new way.

  6. Imagine a situation that causes behavior X.
    Respond to this situation in your mind in a new way.

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