Learn public speaking: pause, breath, and slow down.

While in a stressful situation, it’s very easy to forget about important elements such as breathing or pausing. The fear of losing the audience’s attention may result in speaking very quickly and without breaks.

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  1. During your presentation, don’t forget to breath and pause every now and then.
    In your speech text, after each sentence, you can actually write, “Pause. Breath. Slow Down.” This will help you really remember to do it.

  2. Ask a member of the audience to give you a signal if you rush.
    It’s difficult to control your tempo in high-stress situations.

  3. After delivering a key point, pause for a few seconds.
    This pause lets the audience process it.

  4. When you finish, after your last word, pause for a moment and say, “Thank you.”
    Stay for the length of the applause.

  5. Practice these tips in a low-stakes situation first.

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