Do what is most important in the morning.

You will spend the best hours for your brain productively and without distractions.

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  1. Get up when the alarm rings.
    Don’t hit snooze or read emails or news on your phone.

  2. While brushing your teeth and taking a shower, think about your priorities and plan your day.
    Again, do not check social media or news. If you do, someone else’s life or problems will jump in front of yours.

  3. Write down your one to three “musts” for the day.

  4. Find a way to do the most important things (plan a meeting, make an important call, etc.) before you enter the office: at home, in the coffee shop, or even sitting in your car in the parking lot.
    The first two to three hours of the morning are the most productive of the day, so it is important to not lose them on office distractions.

  5. Plan your quitting time.
    Having a deadline will make you more intentional with time. You will be more focused and motivated. Also, you can spend your afternoon with family or on hobbies.

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