1. Good communication skills are very important for your relationships at home, but they play a large role in determining your success at work too. The most effective form of communication is when opinions are expressed delicately but honestly, so that you can get your message across without hurting someone’s feelings.
  2. Follow these steps and you will definitely be able to get your point across in a manner that the other person will be able to understand.

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  1. Understand that truth isn’t absolute.
    There is your point of view, which is your truth, and the other person’s point of view, which is their truth. Once you realize this, you will be able to share your views in a polite, non- threatening way.

  2. Use the “I” form.
    For example, say, “I feel frustrated that you have not responded to my e-mail,” rather than, “You never take my suggestions seriously.”

  3. Use simple language.
    Don’t beat around the bush. Be direct so that the other person knows exactly what you mean.

  4. Use humor.
    Joke around a little bit!

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