Don’t give your power away to mystical things.

When we don’t give our power away and start taking action, we become whole again. Otherwise, a part of us is never fulfilled. By taking action, we can have everything we want.

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How people give their power away.
When people don’t succeed, they often say that they’re not lucky enough or that God is not on their side. But they never admit to themselves that they didn’t try hard enough. We must be willing to see our mistakes in order to reach our goals.

  1. Discover the area(s) of your life where you’ve given your power away.
    Determine one area of your life where you’ve given your power away. For example, it might be relationships where you told yourself that “I’m too shy” or “I’m too ugly to get a partner.” Then look at the actions you took in that area. You’ll find that you took little or no action and just gave your power away.

  2. Reclaim your power by taking action and making progress in that area(s).
    Know what you can do to make a little progress regularly in that area of your life. Don’t aim for perfection, but make a little progress every week. For example, in the area of relationships, you can join some classes or do some volunteering to meet interesting people.

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