Stop being mediocre and aim for mastery in life.

When a goal tests the limits of our concentration, it is not only enjoyable but also expands our reach. It is exhilarating to reach the peak in a field of work, because only a small percentage of people will ever reach that point.

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The value of progress and mastery.
Progress is the fuel of our consciousness. When we constantly achieve bigger and bigger goals that matter to us, we become happier and feel the most vibrant in life. Our sense of self is strengthened. Hence, it makes sense to never stop growing and attaining mastery in the goals that matter to you.

  1. Take action to attain mastery in your goals.
    Don’t try to master everything. But when it comes to your primary goals in life, you should aim for mastery. Ask yourself, “How can I learn more and attain mastery in this field?”

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