Control your instincts with activities that circulate your breath and ground you into your being.

It feels great to conquer your own mind and rule your own life. Successful people have great self-control, and that’s where their determination comes from. They know that they will follow through on their decisions.

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Control over your instincts is essential to success.
If you cannot resist alcohol, gambling, drugs, or sex, you’ll never be able to invest your energy in higher-level pursuits. Such things appeal on an instinctual level because they give you an instant dose of pleasure. But the pleasure doesn’t last, and soon you want another dose of the same drug.

  1. Do any activity that circulates your breath to keep yourself grounded and stable in your body.
    A good way to be in control of your physical needs is to do yoga, martial arts, dance, or breath practice. Anything that circulates your breath brings stability to your impulsive behaviors.

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