To become mentally tough, focus on progress toward your primary goals in life.

Progress gives you mental strength, which is essential to having a successful and happy life. The more mentally tough you become, the higher you can rise in life.

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Progress is essential to your confidence and mental strength.
According to the author, “When the information in consciousness is aligned with the goals of the consciousness, it is strengthened.”  So, if you want to become mentally strong, focus on progress toward your goals. People suffer from nervous breakdowns when they fail in achieving their most important goals. For example, Elon Musk went through a nervous breakdown when his rockets failed to launch three times in a row.

  1. Work toward your primary goals every day.
    When people fail on their primary goals, they suffer from low self-esteem or breakdowns. But this can also be used as a tactic. To become mentally unbeatable, you must focus on relentless progress. Work on your primary goals every day, and you will strengthen your mind.

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