Set clear intentions to create opportunities.

People who become victim to their circumstances never achieve anything good in life. When you know that your intentions create your circumstances, you will attract the right opportunities and do great things in life.

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Your intentions and not your circumstances create your reality.
People often feel limited due to their circumstances. Some say, “I don’t have time;” others say, “I don’t have money.” But the truth behind these limitations is that they’re self-imposed. If you want to grow in your career, you can do so by expanding your skills and finding lucrative opportunities. Because what most people call luck is the intersection of preparation and opportunity.

  1. Set clear intentions to create opportunities in life.
    A clear intention is that which matters to you. For example, “I want to provide a comfortable lifestyle for my family” is a genuine intention. Once you set clear intentions, your subconscious mind starts making you aware of resources to fulfill those intentions. However, always remember that intention alone doesn’t make dreams come true; it is also essential to take action.

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