Be yourself.

When you try to hide parts of yourself—for whatever reason—you will feel as if you are flawed, as if you are undesirable, as if you are worthless, when in reality, none of this is true. These emotions will then cause you to pass up opportunities that could lead to success, because you don’t feel good enough for them. However, the things about yourself that cause you to feel ashamed or embarrassed may very well be things that shine brightest about you.

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  1. Don’t try to hide parts of yourself.
    Realize that you are one-of-a-kind, and that it’s okay—in fact, it’s better—to be different. No one wants to see more of the same, so embrace your uniqueness. You don’t have to try and be anyone else, because everyone else has their flaws too!

  2. Work on discovering your true self.
    Then be that person with confidence.

  3. Do not worry about the what-ifs.
    Instead, take a step back, relax, and plan your future in a logical, constructive manner.

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