Be a little bit selfish.

Michael Jordan said that at the beginning you have to be selfish and work hard, and when you get to your highest performance, then you should stop being selfish.

Simply stated, you can’t help others if you’re dying yourself. First make sure that you are alive, are happy, and have financial support, and later you can help others.

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  1. Think about yourself first, instead of realizing someone else’s dreams.

  2. Exercise.
    Find something that you like doing (e.g., lifting or boxing). Block times in your calendar that are non-negotiable and make them routine.

  3. Eat healthy.
    Eat real food as much as possible.

  4. Take care of your mental health.
    Have people around you who will support you, and every time you feel down or stressed, talk to them. Remove toxic people and places from your life.

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