The first part of the day is yours. All yours.

This will give you a huge amount of energy to go through your day.

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  1. Spend the first part of the day with yourself and things that empower you.
    The most important thing here is to put yourself in an awesome mood first.
    Here is what Dan Meredith does in the morning:

    • First, he does two minutes of controlled breathing (by using an app to help him).

    • He then reads. He has three books on the go at all times, and he reads one to two chapters from each of them every day—books in categories of autobiography, business, marketing, and mindset.

    • Next, he watches some stand-up comedy or cartoons, plays on his Xbox, or does something that makes him equally happy.

  2. Do not look at your phone till at least mid- to late morning.

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