People will love your product because you love it.

There will always be customers who would like to outgrow you and your product. Adding power-user features to satisfy some can intimidate others. Scaring away new customers is worse than losing old ones. We can say the same thing about new ideas. You become so enthusiastic about your new, brilliant idea that you decide to drop everything and begin pursuing it. Calm down. Think a while, and then if it’s worth it, act on it.

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  1. Get used to saying “no.”
    Henry Ford said, “If I’d listened to customers, I’d have given them a faster horse.” There will always be a better idea, but the power of “no” gets your priorities straight.

  2. Think a while. Evaluate your idea with a cool mind, and then if it’s worth it, act on it.

  3. Make sure that your product stays right for you, as you are the one who has to believe in it most.

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